Real Estate Lit is an independent service to the readership.  We cover the latest books as well as older publications and other new media in the industry, focusing on not only issues related to the profession, but also the wide variety of real estate subject matter that is of interest to casual readers and students, among others.  And by industry, if the content pertains to real estate, we aim for scale:  architecture, construction, energy, finance, history, insurance, zoning, and other disciplines. 

We scout the marketplace of published material, distilling nuances that otherwise might not make it onto book jackets and blogs.  We lift books off shelves and tablets, and place them into a context of the times.  On occasion we select guest reviewers, whose expertise allows for drill down to acuity.  We also interview persons positively impacting communications and publishing aspects of real estate.

Go further in your understanding with Real Estate Lit.  Time is valuable.  Read what's useful.

Real Estate Lit is a publishing endeavor of The Pfister Consultancy. 

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