Notable Mention: Property Nesting

Retire on Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe and Secure Retirement by K. Kai Anderson.  2018.  AMACOM, New York.  272 pp.

For many people, retirement planning can feel like driving through a maze of impersonal goals leading to poorly marked traffic circles of confusing choices.  However, for persons who prefer personalization with their investment decisions — including active participation in sourcing the retirement income — consider reading Retire on Real Estate.  By adding to the subject genres of personal finance and real estate, author K. Kai Anderson aims to help readers develop an understanding of why rental property can serve as a key component to diversified retirement plans.  

Retire on Real Estate is a fresh take on a source of income in the retirement years, for which some investors may find appealing beyond the standard Wall Street-only dependency.  The author shares her ideas on how to

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