Conveyances: Q & A with Julia Boland, Broker

Accelerating a shift in real estate communications from traditional formats and outlets to digital and mobile, The Boland Team at Halstead Property launched One(212), their interactive appazine for the iPad.  The first appazine of its kind, One(212) will have users tapping screens with enthusiasm.  Get a fresh take on New York City real estate with this hot new app.  Associate Broker Julia Boland, Senior Vice President at Halstead Property and Managing Director at Halstead Property Development Marketing, shared her thoughts with Real Estate Lit.

Q.  Was the decision by The Boland Team at Halstead Property to publish One(212) simply geared toward a technical transformation over to a digital media platform, or was there something more meaningful in the calculation to boldly branch out in an additional direction?

A.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Fortune favors the bold.”

Our move was very, very deliberate.  We spent a significant amount of time consulting with some terrific marketing and media experts.  We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.  Our body of work certainly separated us from the pack but we had not communicated that message effectively to the public.  After quite a bit of research and brainstorming we decided on a strategy to position ourselves as market experts by utilizing our combined 25+ years of experience plus cutting edge technology.

Q.  Specifically for your brokerage business, how are you utilizing One(212)?

A.  Our goal was to entertain, inform and inspire our readers.  It was never our intention to directly sell our listings through this vehicle.  Rather we had hoped to become a leading information resource which would ultimately drive serious sellers and buyers to The Boland Team.  As a free download on the iPad, it's been a great way to present content and engage readers on the cutting edge.

Q.  With two issues of One(212) in the marketplace now, what feedback are your audiences sharing with you about their experiences with the multi-media appazine on their devices?

A.  We are thrilled that so many of our esteemed colleagues and potential clients have enjoyed the appazine.  Combined with our social media and website strategy, we've registered nearly 10,000 engagements.  One(212) has been downloaded in Asia and Latin America so we know we are also reaching the foreign buyer.

Conveyances: Q & A are Real Estate Lit’s interviews with professionals positively impacting the communications and publishing aspects of real estate.  Interview conducted by Tom Pfister, November 2012.