Housing Recovery At The Newsstand

Looking for admirable optimism on the cusp of frost-tinged mornings, spring break, and baseball's opening day?  Money is out with their "Real Estate Guide 2013" in the April issue.  The material gives an account of housing prices, buyer and seller points-of-view for today's conditions, renovation versus trade up, and homeowners insurance headscratchers.  In large part, the guide signals a revival after a protracted economic recession and its effects on local markets; and draws a distinction about the two types of markets behind an upsurge in residential prices.

Money also taps key online housing resources that stand out for dashboard readers:

* Foreclosure Rate Heat Map from RealtyTrac.com for foreclosure filings expressed as a ratio.

* Housing Barometer from Trulia.com charts normalcy as a basis for comparison among three housing market indicators.

* Zillow Digs, new from from Zillow.com, for renovation project estimates. 

- March 2013