Notable Mention: Educating Oneself about Home Inspections

The Holmes Inspection: The Essential Guide for Every Homeowner, Buyer and Seller by Restovate Ltd.  2012.  Time Home Entertainment, Inc., New York.  108 pp.

The word inspection can conjure the assumption there is a thoroughness taking place.  With the The Holmes Inspection: The Essential Guide for Every Homeowner, Buyer and Seller, Mike Holmes contends the incidence of unexpected problems arising after closing on the purchase of inspected homes is unreasonable.  “The time to find problems is during a home inspection,” Holmes says, “but, way too often, that’s not happening.”

Holmes presents ten clear reasons why the home inspection process does not always serve the best interests of the buyer.  The publication continues Holmes’ larger mission to foster greater reliability from the home inspection industry, while at the same time empowering homeowners -- prospective and existing -- to seize the client role in the contractual relationship with the inspection company.  He points out the obligation of clients to ask questions rather than rely solely on a real estate agent to find a home inspector.  Holmes offers the right questions to ask and the answers to expect, good and bad.  And, he’ll pitch a curve ball to some buyers and their agents, about the timing of when to order a home inspection. 

Besides the readers mentioned in the book's subtitle, what group could greatly benefit from The Holmes Inspection bookazine?  Professionals in the REO portion of the housing sector.  Financial institutions’ staff members have to deal with distressed assets, or houses they’ve received through foreclosure or deed-in-lieu circumstances.  A real estate-owned or bank-owned asset can precariously linger for sale, affecting its value through deferred maintenance and become a detriment to the stability of the neighborhood.  As Holmes states, a quality home inspection can serve as “the blueprint” for a maintenance plan.  Also with The Holmes Inspection, read about red flags to observe when evaluating the interior and exterior of a house, especially its structural and mechanical issues.

- May 2012