Preparing Buyers

Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate: Your No-Stress Guide to Buying a Home
by Egypt Sherrod.  2015.  Running Press, Philadelphia.  224 pp. 

Navigating the process of buying a home can prove difficult.  What if there was a book written in a relaxed style by a credible professional, who gathers the most important steps to know in the process for you?  Now in her second decade of representing clients in the buying and selling of real estate, Egypt Sherrod concentrates her knowledge in Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate to save readers time, money, and a few headaches when they’re buying a home. 

With Keep Calm, Sherrod emphasizes her enjoyment working for first-time homebuyers.  The author maintains a multifaceted career, which includes hosting HGTV’s Flipping Virgins, as well as a plethora of recurring appearances on other media outlets.  Her real estate experience informs her prose, centered on helping first-timers, but also those buyers who seek to avoid repeating past mistakes on previous purchases. 

The simplicity of focusing on the buyer’s side of the equation is something to like about Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate.  Sherrod lists key reminders for new buyers:  “Top Ten Things to Consider before Buying a Home,” and “Eight Ways to Locate a Stellar Agent,” among other directions.  When she does branch into broader subjects like the economy, and supply and demand, such as in the chapter on distressed properties, Sherrod connects the big-picture back to what matters for buyers to learn.  Sherrod distinguishes for first-time buyers the difference between a housing shortage and an inventory shortage.  She even discusses confidently “surefire ways” to acquire your dream home during an inventory shortage.         

Another audience who benefits from reading Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate: buyer agents.  At least know, prepared buyers are going to read it.

- August 2015